TroyBoi & Armani White ‘Shut Shit Down’ On New Collab

TroyBoi & Armani White… you already know it’s a banger! For FUXWITHIT readers TroyBoi needs no intro, the artist has been one of the most featured producers on our site for the past decade dropping banger after banger. Armani White should be a familiar face as well. While he saw a meteoric rise off the viral hit ‘Billie Eilish’,  we’ve been fans since he kicked off our Summer Playlist in 2018 alongside Brasstracks, Alexander Lewis, and BXRBER.

Now the two artists have joined forces for ‘Shut Shit Down’ and it’s exactly what you’d hope for. Off the first few notes, you can already tell it’s going to be a smash. The melody is off kilter and addictive, the bounce is beyond booming, and the percussion is peak. The pitched-down hook and exotic vocal samples cement TroyBoi’s signature while leaving room for Armani White room to shine. And shine he does, bringing his signature swagger, sharps bars, and smirk-inducing humor (see “I’m 6’0. I stand on my money. I’d be 6’0/All my shit in crypto and the market took a dip, ough”). Anytime two heavyweights collide the expectations shoot up, but TroyBoi and Armani White ‘Shut Shit Down’ with a certified anthem that’s assured to be stuck on repeat.

Peep the track below alongside the visual which features some dope CGI/AI animation.