The New ‘Chokehold’ EP From Untitld x Snuggles Is Sure To Leave You Breathless

Hailing from Los Angeles and Denver respectively, Untitld and Snuggles continue to deliver on the unmistakable sounds we’ve come to expect from the Lost Dogz clan with their latest Chokehold EP. This three-track masterpiece features a variety of genre influences ranging from trap to dubstep, bass, and house.

The first track, ‘Suplex,’ wastes no time establishing the vibe of the EP. It is a veritable speaker-flexer for the entirety of its three-minute run and demands a subwoofer to be heard to the fullest extent. The harpsichord-like synths are reminiscent of the early days of trap music while the basslines fit neatly within the more recent catalogue of tracks from both artists.

Up next, ‘Chokehold’ takes the ears for a spin with an immediate switch-up into house basslines and a bounce that’s difficult to hear and remain sitting still. Between the house breaks, the duo experiment with some truly wonky synths and tease the listener with orchestral-sounding chords that seem to fit right in alongside the lower frequencies.

Finally, ‘Money’ allows the listener a brief respite during its intro until it begins roaring through the speakers on the first drop. Decidedly different from ‘Suplex’ but still retaining the characteristic Lost Dogz sound with its heavy bass, this track is sure to get a dance floor moving and grooving.

Untitld and Snuggles truly put the game in a Chokehold with their latest EP while reminding everyone of the power Lost Dogz possesses. We look forward to hearing what this power duo is cooking up next. Stream the Chokehold EP below.

Written by Braden.