Pauline Herr And Jon Casey Elevate Listener’s Auras With ‘Toxic’

Raising a mystical garden of sound, Pauline Herr and Jon Casey combine powerful forces of bliss on ‘Toxic.’ The first single off their upcoming collaborative EP! It’s a spiritual and soft-spoken journey that tugs on your strings while shedding light on how deep a relationship can go. Even with those faults or red flags from either side, you can somehow still rekindle the flame. The arrangement and flow on their own showcase how compatible their techniques and passions are. From the catchy melodic creations, bumpy drums, and bubbly sound design, it’s a track you can take anywhere you go in your mind and heart.

Anything these two touch turns into a priceless artifact of tone. And to see them intertwining styles and techniques is unexpected and delightful to the core. It’s a pop-infused wonderland that will wrap itself around you like a warm scarf for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Holding nothing back, they’ve incorporated such strong characteristics from beginning to end. Easily telling the audience who they are individually while making a major impact together as one. It’s a fun and everlasting experience you’ll adore for many days to come.

In the spirit of this massive new team-up, they’re also currently on their massive b2b tour. Hitting Arizona not too long ago, and with San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Denver as the next stops! So make sure to get your tickets while they’re hot! You won’t want to miss out. We’re stoked to hear the rest of the EP in full in the near future. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Toxic’ everywhere via Lowly!