Ternion Sound Talk Bass Face, Patreon, Requests + More In Latest Do You FUXWITHIT?

If you have ever had the pleasure of catching any members of the bass/deep dubstep trio Ternion Sound doing a live set, you know that they bring outrageous levels of energy and fun. They have a lot of heart and give a lot of love – including in our latest installment of Do You FUXWITHIT?.

I got to go in-depth on a few key topics at Department of Civilian Dance‘s annual Dark Matter party, where 2/3s of the group Jack Denney and Aric Okerman headlined.

The guys had me laughing all the way through chats about the staple Minneapolis hamburger the Jucy Lucy (alt: Juicy), whether requests are a good thing or not, how Patreon has been a major boon and way to connect with their fans + some textbook examples of ‘bass face.’ Check out the interview in all its glory.

I also highly recommend a listen to their latest release, Digital Artifice (2023), out now. It’s an artistic journey and especially great to listen to front to back.

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