LISTEN: Shallou Unveils Stunning, Emotional New "Save Some Room" Single via FADER

Every time Shallou shares new music we know we’re in for a treat. This time around is no exception as the talented producer has dropped off a new single in “Save Some Room.” Released on FADER, this new Shallou record is nothing short of a stunning, emotional anthem. As you’ll hear below, the track boasts melancholy guitars and lush synths that dance eloquently over a danceable and bouncy bass line. In typical Shallou fashion, the artist strikes a perfect balance between chill and upbeat – hear what we mean by streaming the track via Spotify and be sure to read what the producer himself has to say about the inspiration behind this track.

“I wasn’t myself for a while even after the worst of the pandemic subsided. I wrote an EP about following an internal ‘guiding light’ back to the shore of my life, where I left off. The lyrics reflect the fact that I feel i’m getting better, and I just hope those I love and even my fans can accept me again. I’m ready for a new adventure and to find out what’s next for my life.”

Shallou – Save Some Room | Stream

LISTEN: Shallou Unveils Stunning, Emotional New “Save Some Room” Single via FADER