Summer Watson Releases A Magical New Single Titled “Unveiled”

After releasing “Break The Silence,” the first glimpse of her upcoming EP Unveiled, Summer Watson finally teases us again with yet another song from the same EP titled “Unveiled.” With the new release, the classical crossover star Watson expresses her views on life, stating that we are all here on our own journey and that we better not follow others’ paths. The artist with the softest soprano vocals encourages us to believe in ourselves and keep our hearts open for new opportunities and experiences. Like her music, Summer’s personal story also motivates the audience to stay hopeful and look forward. She went through an unimaginable horror, facing death and fighting for her life. As a result, the tremendously talented Summer came out from her challenging situations stronger and more inspiring as a human and artist. Her art is a greatly positive influence on those facing harsh times: her songs have a healing effect on the soul.