Haan808 – Star Fire

One of our favourite New Zealand-based producers is back on FUXWITHIT! Haan808 makes his third appearance on our label with the emotive banger ‘Star Fire.’ The track follows his stand-alone single ‘Stay With Me,’ and the stellar ‘Main Phase’ off our Champions Of The Underground compilation. 

‘Star Fire’ sees beauty and beast collide for an unforgettable ride. Ghostly vocal bends conjure an enchanting aesthetic while impassioned guitar riffs pull at your heartstrings. Precise percussion ramps up the intensity before Haan808 delivers the blistering bass-heavy drops. Gritty sound design and pulsing low end is counterbalanced by the chopped vocal hints intertwining the opposing auras to create magic. Opposing forces unite to create something truly special on ‘Star Fire.’ 

It’s black and white, fire and ice, etc. I had a very ambient melodic build which is pretty and has very pleasing sounds to the ear and I wanted something hard-hitting to contrast it. It took me a while tbh to get there, but when I did I instantly knew that was the heavy drop/vibe I wanted. This song has a lot of emotion to me and I took a while to make the intro sound the way it did, a lot of trial and error. – Haan808

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