Space Laces Returns For Third Round Of Destruction With ‘Vaultage 003’

Neither Space Laces nor his ‘Vaultage’ series need an introduction. Ever since storming back onto the scene in 2018, the veteran producer has solidified himself as one of the most technically skilled producers out there, delivering genre-defying originals and mixes that gather the entire community through a communal sense of awe and bewilderment.

Despite having been silent since the release of ‘D.A.W‘ in late 2019, the hype that the legend has been creating on social media over the last couple of weeks has been second to none. Many were quick to pick up on Space Laces’ return as soon as the original video was posted, but it was the official announcement of ‘Vaultage 003’ that really woke up the entire bass music scene. And if you’ve been on Twitter today, you will have noticed the ruckus that the third instalment of the mix series has created.

Through twenty-one demos and unreleased tunes spanning a hypnotizing twenty minutes, Space Laces has once again reclaimed the bass music throne. It would be unjust to try to do ‘Vaultage 003′ justice with words, as the producer explores so many sounds, styles and genres with such grace, without ever escaping the core essence of electronic music: rhythm. The dubstep tunes have swing, the trap tunes have bounce, and the future bass has groove. The entire mix flows seamlessly like one multi-genre track – a true testament to Space Laces’ genius.

Don’t miss ‘Vaultage 003’ below.