Soulection Celebrates 13 Years With Its First Soulection Radio Mixtape

For 13 years, Soulection has at been at the forefront of pushing musical boundaries online. From its humble beginnings as a SoundCloud radio show to its present-day residence on Apple Music, co-founder and CEO Joe Kay has done more than most in an effort to expose the world to melodies and harmonies that would’ve otherwise flown under the radar for many listeners. Soulection’s impact on the beatmaker scene cannot be understated; with a superstar roster comprising of such greats as Mr. Carmack, Sam Gellaitry, J-Louis, Mikos Da Gawd, Singularis, and Evil Needle, it’s likely that your favorite producer has in some way, shape, or form drawn inspiration from Soulection’s releases.

Future beats, eclectic soul, forgotten gems, and timeless sounds… All brought to you by Joe Kay. This is Soulection.

With over 600 radio shows aired to date, the Soulection catalog is as large as it is diverse. Future beats, R&B, jungle, trap, and garage all get a little love from Joe Kay. Each episode is a music connoisseur’s dream, brimming with fresh releases and artists that invariably deserve more recognition. Joe Kay goes above and beyond typical track curation. He is a true taste-maker, one who has taken over a decade to help solidify a space for these genres to inhabit.

Album and EP releases aren’t a new foray for Soulection. The first Soulection Compilation album was released in 2011. Other notable compilations such as 3 Years of Soulection, the Stussy Collaboration, and a slew of White Label releases followed in the coming years (all of which are available for free on their website here). Soulection Radio Mixtape 001 is the first mixtape of its kind in the discography, featuring a number of radio-show exclusive tracks and blends that haven’t been formally released prior (and which longtime fans are sure to recognize). The album consists of returning Soulection OGs such as Sango, Jared Jackson, and ESTA., alongside more recent newcomers to the label like love ave. and Flwr Chyld. From the sultry strings of Sango’s ‘Overnight Love’ live mix to the bustling drums of JAEL‘s ‘Think of You Jungle Edit,’ this compilation is chock-full of gems.

You can join in on the anniversary celebration with the SoundCloud tracks below, or check out the Bandcamp page here for the full versions of all tracks. We’re really looking forward to year 14, Joe, so keep up the stellar work.