So Sus Soars Through Canyons Of Peace With Their Remix Of San Holo’s ‘Don’t Look Down’

Surprising us with a special treat this week, So Sus dropped their elegant remix of ‘Don’t Look Down.’ Honoring the original in the best ways possible while showcasing what makes their own style so beautiful and jaw-dropping. Compelling atmosphere, euphoric tones, and energy as bright as the sun, this remix has it all. Giving listeners a true therapeutic experience through their whimsical nature in production. Easily making this one a true classic for their discography.

With exciting things coming up, the artist has been putting their all into their work and overall journey. From an upcoming show with IMANU to a headline show in Vancouver on the 21st, it’s nothing but incredible to see the success continue to build and build for So Sus. And this remix will by far make the crowd go crazy with praise and admiration. The spirit throughout this piece radiates brighter than the stars in the sky. Incorporating wave style characteristics that completely take the environment to another level. Elevating what made the original so angelic. Bringing it to the future each second.

With fantastic arp designs, impactful vocal chops, and more, you’ll be knocked out of your seat with every listen. Shooting your hearts to another realm entirely. Creating a compelling and warm feeling you won’t want to forget. So make sure to show your support by streaming their remix of ‘Don’t Look Down’ on SoundCloud! We’re excited to hear and experience more adventures from the imagination of So Sus.