PREMIERE: LYNY Melts Listener’s Minds And Souls With ‘Face’

Making a stunning and mind-boggling debut on MorFlo Records, LYNY presents his newest single, ‘Face.’ Being inspired by practicing sound design, the artist gathered what he created and turned it into a hard-hitting roller coaster ride. Soaring through the skies with haste as this arrangement fuels your energy to a level not even imaginable. Impacting listeners with organic power through wonky sonic tones, hard-hitting drums, and a vocal that ties everything together. Giving another layer of character to the overall arrangement.

One of the ‘weirdest’ records I’ve ever made. I made this tune shortly after a sound design session, where I made all sorts of unconventional sounds/bits of audio. I wanted a more structured way to put them, so I made ‘Face.’ This record hasn’t left my sets since! – LYNY

The amount of variety within a LYNY tune never fails to impress. His deliverance through unpredictable arrangements casts a colorful spell over each listener as they fall deep within his worlds of curiosity and sinister nature. ‘Face’ is just another example of why he’s one of the best of the best in this scene. The fun and playful qualities throughout this track amp up your heart while feeling you’re on top of the world. His classic processing and feel run wild from beginning to end. Integrating carefully crafted sounds while making everything come together as one. Always painting a picture through raw power and a strive for success. This is easily one of his most unique and satisfying tracks he’s ever created to date. We’re stoked to hear more from him and see what’s next. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Face’ below and everywhere tomorrow via MorFlo Records!