seeyousoon Drop Gritty Cypher

seeyousoon are back at it. The 9 piece Florida-based rap crew has been impressing us all year; from their debut single ‘Steamy,’ to their debut album VIDÉKeeping the trend going comes their brand cypher. The 5 and a half minute video is quality raw rap shit. The beat provides the perfect foundation for each of the emcees to trade verses over. It’s minimal yet menacing, pairing snappy percussion and growling bass lines. The diversity of each rapper is what makes seeyousoon special. From their voices, to the flows, lyrics and energy, each artists makes their presence known. Subject matter spans from braggadocios, to scientific, street raps and homages to Clipse, what more could you ask for? Peep the cypher below and stop sleeping on seeyousoon, they’re here to takeover rap.