RL Grime Demonstrates Why He’s Among The Greatest With ‘PLAY’

2023 is the year of the albums and it seems like every new project that comes out exceeds expectations. We are living in a time where legends and up-and-comers alike are releasing large yet cohesive bodies of work, often breaking out of molds that fans have usually prescribed. The latest artist to unleash his recent life’s work with the masses is none other than veteran favourite and Sable Valley head honcho RL Grime with the release of his newest album, PLAY.

FUXWITHIT readers know that trap music was among our first love, and few have had as much of an impact on the genre as RL Grime. Despite his early popularization of trap, the producer has continuously evolved his sound, pushing innovative takes to his audience most notably via his first two albums VOID and NOVA, and now more than ever before with the three-part auditory journey that is PLAY.

Split into APEX, GRID and RUSH, the ensemble of tracks that comprise PLAY are a mix of quintessential RL Grime and totally new territory for the artist, and the level at which he has executed it in its entirety is but a testament to his ceaseless ingenuity and raw talent. PLAY: APEX is for the lifelong RL Grime fans. Through eight tracks and collaborations with JAWNS, ISOxo and Juelz, the artist unveils lively cuts that are relentless in energy, spanning from trap, to future bass, to dubstep. PLAY: GRID is slightly toned down compared to the former section, but still carries a dynamic allure to it. Vocals are much more present throughout this section, which is sure to appeal to a more varied audience. Finally, PLAY: RUSH almost seems to showcase the future of RL Grime just as the two previous sections mirrored the past and present of the artist. RUSH is insanely different than the rest of the veteran’s discography, but it’s equally, if not more, as impressive. ‘I Think I’m Getting Emotional’ kicks things off with a moving garage rhythm, before more variations on house complete the rest of the album.

It’s hard to do PLAY justice with words. It’s an epic foray into electronic music that spans almost 80 minutes, yet never grows boring. This is RL Grime at his best. Don’t miss it below.