AENEAS Unleashes A Dark Wave Of Angels With ‘murder’

The balance between light and darkness is truly extraordinary in this artist’s work. His perception of emotion through gorgeous executions will easily blow you away. Each release differs from the last while still harnessing his unique energy. And with his newest single, ‘murder.’ AENEAS is once again tapping into a darkness as vast as an ocean. Filled to the brim with pure chaos and beauty. Easily making this tune simply horrifying yet captivating to the highest degree. A perfect gift for his listeners while turning 21 in life.

Known for his euphoric and mind-bending imagination, his world of organic creations has touched the hearts and souls of many within the underground. Pushing the wave genre further and further with his keen sense of tone. Representing its roots while making a wonderful name for himself. Separating his vision from the rest with his touch of priceless gold throughout the sonic spectrum. And this track is nothing but pure proof. Written and produced into existence for all to become hypnotized.

Created through a hip-hop rhythmic structure, this tune highlights what makes this artist remarkable and a force to be reckoned with. From a mean and large 808 bass, crisp sporadic hats, and other drums to compliment this wild environment, it’s an insidious journey from beginning to end. Leaving you satisfied with its simplistic yet highly effective personality and aura. Perfectly describing his flow and adaptable style in any musical situation. By far making this track relentless and eye-opening. Not to mention the tone-down vocal. Adding another layer of darkness from below. As if you were possessed and well aware. We’re stoked to hear what’s next for this artist and his career. But for now, make sure to show your support by streaming ‘murder’ via SoundCloud!