PREMIERE: Vorso Takes Listeners To The ‘Weirdzone’ With His Latest Track

Since mid-September, Vorso has been unveiling weekly singles from his upcoming album titled Holonomy. Through these ten singles, which cover only half of the length of the album, the multi-talented artist has showcased his masterful ability to weave through various genres with ease, sometimes staying true to his trusted drum and bass sound while also demonstrating a knack for all walks of bass music. Take ‘Power Through / Facets’ for example, where Vorso emanates a lively house/garage touch that is mostly new to fans of the artist. However, any fan of Vorso knows that his keen attention to detail and sound design wizardry are sure to slap no matter the style he decides to explore.

It only makes sense that this epic body of work is released via Inspected, marking the label’s 50th release. The relationship between Inspected and Vorso, which dates back to 2017, is one of mutual respect and shared artistic vision. Inspected has provided Vorso with a platform to showcase his ever-growing artistic vision, while Vorso’s limitless creativity and technical excellence have aligned perfectly with their commitment to nurturing exceptional talent. The release of Holonomy is but a match made in heaven.

In anticipation of the album’s release on October 18th, we have the extreme pleasure of premiering ‘Weirdzone’ today. True to its title, ‘Weirdzone’ is peculiar in a hypnotizing way, changing tones midway through yet keeping you hooked with its quirks. The first minute of the track is upbeat and groovy, as Vorso uses fun effects and textures to keep listeners bopping. After that section, the soundscape of the track becomes more eerie and sinister, almost as if one entered this hypothetical weirdzone. Rugged synths and heavy bass take over, as Vorso creates an atmosphere tailored to the upcoming spooky season.

Don’t miss ‘Weirdzone’ below and be sure to catch Holonomy out in full on October 18th