DROELOE Delivers Impressive Solo Debut Album ‘Art Of Change’

The time has finally come as the Netherlands-based artist Vincent Rooijers also known as DROELOE has officially released his first solo album ‘Art Of Change.’ Taking his global audience on an uplifting journey through time and space, DROELOE’s versatility as an artist shines brightly throughout this album.  The ‘Art Of Change’ pays homage to DROELOE dedication and passion for his craft.

After unveiling five singles throughout the months including ‘Downside Up,’  the impressive album ‘The Art of Change’ includes recorded voice memos as a ‘feedback loop’ where DROELOE’s present self engages in conversations with his past and future selves. Snippets are taken from audio cassettes and journal entries to help him grow each day, fostering feelings of resolution (‘Downside Up ft. Transviolet’), motivation (‘Decision’), gratitude (‘Landscape’), and fearlessness (‘Feeble Games’) throughout his life.

A truly spectacular album from the mastermind, DROELOE is the one we trust to always stay one step ahead in the music industry and deliver a timeless album for the books. In the run-up to release listeners were invited to follow DROELOE on this journey in a series of fan activations, recording their own messages to themselves by voice memo, tape cassette, or in written form in one of the physical journals DROELOE launched as merch.  Fans can purchase the exclusive vinyl via Bandcamp here.

“This album is a collection of ideas that I find important within my own personal development. It is a journey to turn these ideas into songs and symbolic places, one that helps me to visit those ideas more often. I want to become a more active participant in my own growth, this album is a step in that direction”