PREMIERE: Venture 5 Releases Incredible Single "5MeO"

Previously known for his music moniker, Opalyte, Denver-based producer Niko Pappas is back and ready to introduce the world to his new project Venture 5, with the release of his new single, “5MeO” off of his debut EP, First Connection

An exciting track that highlights his fluid mix of vintage bass music, knack for original songwriting, and instrumentation, Pappas offers an incredible bass experience that makes you feel as if you are free-falling through the cosmos.  Perfect for fans of Zeds Dead, LSDream, Mersiv, or Smoakland, “5MeO” thrives on ethereal vocals that glide over breathtaking soundscapes and thrilling bass drops. 

The inspiration behind the Venture 5 project was a call to action in my own life about living my true adventure and facing my fears around getting out in the world, being active, taking risks, and getting out of my comfort zone. Venture 5 is meant to be a vessel or a means for my audience to live their true adventure and face their fears.”

Keep an eye out for more new music from the Venture 5 project and stream “5MeO” and the full EP below.

Venture 5 – “5MeO” Run The Trap Premiere | Stream


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PREMIERE: Venture 5 Releases Incredible Single “5MeO”