PREMIERE: Squired And Cerdin Create A Blistering Storm Of Chaos With ‘NOREST’

With Squired‘s debut EP right around the corner, excitement is at an all-time high from fans. It’s all come to this moment which will showcase the artist in a whole new light while starting yet another chapter in his career. And there’s one track we just had to highlight and praise before anything else.

With the help of Cerdin, ‘NOREST’ is an absolute club weapon with nothing but chaos surrounding it. Packed to the brim with intense and intoxicating energy as well as some hard hitting sound design to get anyone in the club lost in a trance. It’s a fun, exhilarating, and everlasting experience from start to finish. Blowing you away by its’ colorful and organic qualities. So buckle up because you’re in for one wild ride!

It’s hard to believe, but “NOREST” is my fourth collaboration with Cerdin. As one of my best friends, our in-studio chemistry has always been organic, so having him on my first project was an absolute must. Cerdin created the initial track as a live set throwaway and sent it to me last year. I just loved it from the get go, and although it is virtually unrecognizable from the current one, it always felt like it had a ton of potential. As I was assembling the rest of the EP, we started developing this track as a single on the side, but it quickly became clear that it would be a natural fit for the project. I’m so happy with the result and to have a track immortalized on my debut EP with my best friend is a dream.” – Squired

Both Squired and Cerdin have always been fantastic musicians on their own, but when combining forces, it’s always something to behold sonically and spiritually. You can feel the spirit and vision they intended to showcase throughout the arrangement alone. From a spacious and hypnotic environment to those monstrous drums pounding through the mix perfectly, it compliments electronic music on many scales while showcasing their own signature talents and techniques. Squired and Cerdin did an excellent job capturing that eerie and static essence within a deep underground club or venue. There’s a surprise at every turn, making you want to break the replay button.

“I’m overjoyed to accompany Squired sonically on this track. He pushed me a lot to get this demo idea over to him last year, which for me was just a live-set throwaway. I’m really pleased he did, because we were able to flesh out this idea and it really lit a fire under me to reimagine it alongside him, and bring our sound, bond, and friendship into the studio once again. It’s always such a pleasure and a gift to create art together. I feel lucky to be a part of this track and EP from my guy.” – Cerdin

We’re stoked to hear what the rest of his EP has in store. So make sure to check out ‘NOREST’ below to prepare for what’s in store for his debut EP dropping tomorrow! And don’t forget to secure those tickets for his EP release party happening tomorrow at Brooklyn Monarch in New York City! Artists such as Bafu, Buns and Pixel Prince will be there playing to support. A crazy stacked lineup! You really don’t want to miss out!