Picture of Yang-Baby Mami Dance

Yang-Baby Boloman Drops “Mami Dance” And Teases New Album Yoko

Yang-Baby, an exceptionally talented songwriter and hip hop artist, released his latest single titled “Mami Dance.” This song draws its inspiration from an unexpected incident that occurred during a bus ride. Boloman was fortunate to witness a captivating scene where a group of young girls joyfully danced alongside an elderly woman. The sheer vibrancy of the moment ignited his creative spirit, and the lyrics effortlessly poured out, encapsulating the very essence of that enchanting encounter. 

After an initial collaboration with DJ Fabster P, Derkaiser faced various obstacles that hindered the completion of their song. Four years later, Yang-Baby crossed paths with Dr. Anton, skillfully fusing the dynamic Atlanta vibe with traditional African rhythms, resulting in a composition that exudes both uniqueness and boundless energy. The true magnitude of their collaboration unfolded during electrifying live performances in France and Cologne, Germany, where the audience’s resounding enthusiasm unequivocally affirmed the song’s immense potential.

Derkaiser‘s highly anticipated album, Yoko, draws near, guaranteeing to captivate fans with its eclectic selection of tracks, each showcasing a unique blend of groove and introspection that mirrors the artist’s lifestyle and perspective on life. Among the standout songs on the tracklist, “Mercedes Benz” and “Nono” stand as anthems representing achievement and triumph, while the deeply emotional and soulful collaboration with Krema, titled “Mambo,” adds a poignant touch to the album. 

Although the specific dates and venues are still under wraps, fans can expect unforgettable performances from Derkaiser via a European tour in countries known for their thriving hip hop scenes, including France, Germany, and England. While the lineup of surprise guests remains a secret, Boloman guarantees an extraordinary experience. Get ready to witness the magic unfold as he takes the stage, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of concertgoers.

Listen to “Mami Dance” here: