PREMIERE: Phasing Issues Closes Out Season One with Episode 7 Featuring ALEPH

After a seven-week run, Phasing Issues has reached its season finale. Created by Alessio and msft as a way to celebrate and explore the art and science of music production, the podcast has already featured icons like Slumberjack, Eastghost, Bossfight and FUXWITHIT favourites like Rome In Silver, sumthin sumthin, and Rohaan. Each episode has seen the talented guests share their expertise on their craft, filling the conversations with production hacks on topics such as vocal mixing, harmonic distortion, and resampling. Plus a plethora of other tips, anecdotes, plugin recommendations, track reviews, and more.

In the final instalment, msft is joined by US producer ALEPH for a masterclass dedicated to sound design. The two tackle their approach to sound design, dealing with loudness war, FL Studio usability vs. Ableton, their workflow in creating sample packs, the philosophy behind Renraku, and all the recurrent features that appeared in the previous episodes.

As the sponsor of this first season, we’re excited to premiere the finale. For the next 24 hours, you can watch episode seven of Phasing Issues exclusively here on FUXWITHIT.

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