Good Society Call Upon The Spirts Of An Undiscovered Forest With Their ‘Good Society Volume 4’ Compilation

The vision of Good Society never fails to impress. Its soul essence completely vibrates the underground with its purpose and beautiful execution. From the wonderful team pushing these artists’ sounds to a new height, to the artists themselves creating mind-blowing pieces to honor their journey, they’ve created an honorable and memorable effect that’ll last for many years. And with their newest compilation, Good Society Volume 4, they’ve recruited some of the best within the electronic spectrum to highlight their talents and skills. If you’ve been following the label for some time now, you’ll instantly know you’re in for a treat.

The Good Society compilation series is one I have and will always put the entirety of the brand behind. For this one, we’ve booked out a Catalina Island Ferry in LA County for a two stage bonanza out at sea to create a big splash when it comes to its live debut! This one featuring Maddy O’Neal, sumthin sumthin, Dennett, rSun, & more.” – Josh Yamini (Founder of Good Society)

These artists knocked it out of the park to say the least! And what a roster! From a bass-infused wonderland from sumthin sumthin and ero808, a hypnotic and glitchy masterpiece from Dennett, to a fun and energetic playground of rhythm from Dabow, the range is truly immaculate from each tune. Highlighting their characteristics in a unique and powerful form. It’s a list of pure chaos that will melt down any dance floor around the world. The pacing throughout each track is organic, satisfying, and a breath of fresh air. Leaving listeners feeling inspired and hyped up to hear more. Bravo to each and every musician that’s a part of this. Everyone gave it their all and it paid off beautifully. So make sure to show your support by streaming Good Society Volume 4 everywhere!