PREMIERE: Pala Chrome, Dabow And imissyou Soar To An Unknown Realm With ‘So High’

The skills of these great artists are immeasurable. Pala Chrome‘s euphoric melodies, Dabow‘s hard-hitting structures, and of course imissyou‘s angelic vocal range, this is an absolute powerhouse combination. ‘So High’ combines the greatest strengths of these musicians into one huge adventure of melody. Each section containing angelic characteristics bouncing off of one another and working together in complete harmony. And it’s our great pleasure to help premiere this gorgeous piece of art.

The fire-infused teamwork between these artists is truly breathtaking. Showcasing how flexible Pala Chrome’s techniques can be. Adapting with an effective flare while gripping the audience with tenderness and care.

From eye-opening vocals to a crisp and wondrous atmosphere surrounding it all, it’s a spirit like no other. Honoring the artists as well as the KUMO family. Whisking listeners off their feet and into a quantum realm of treasures. Not to mention the mastery behind the sound design is nothing but exquisite. Combing hard-hitting drums and glitchy puzzle pieces to form a world you won’t ever want to leave. Making this a pure breath of fresh air for many. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘So High’ everywhere via KUMO Collective!