PREMIERE: OUTSIDERS PARIS Creates A Euphoric Wave Of Freeness With Their ‘STANDOUT III’ Compilation

Being 2 years after their most recent release, OUTSIDERS PARIS is finally back and better than ever! Packing a major punch with their newest installation of the series, STANDOUT III. Together with some of the finest and most talented artists within the underground, this is truly shaping up to be their best compilation to date. Comprised of many different emotions that will easily consume your soul in the best of ways. It’s with great pleasure to help premiere this gorgeous project here at FUXWITHIT.

Known for its whimsical and colorful cast of sounds and rhythms, the STANDOUT series has always highlighted the latest and the greatest. Shining a bright light on brand-new talent, and sharing the recognition all around for years to come. Artists such as ezra!, Blaedsounds, asáu and many more have all created individual journeys to seep into your minds. Showing you worlds you haven’t explored just yet. From peaceful future beat tunes, jazz-infused trances, along with a little dubstep comprised of raw organic energy, this compilation has a little bit for many music lovers out there. Helping to expand your tastes that much further in your lives. Each piece contains major talent in terms of sound design, drum creation, and rhythmic structures. Striking the listener with all its might. Leaving you in a peaceful state of mind. Every artist did a beautiful job and should feel proud of themselves. So make sure to show your support by streaming STANDOUT III below now and everywhere tomorrow via OUTSIDERS PARIS!