COPYCATT Flips Vorso’s ‘Wannabe’ Into A Monstrous Brute

It’s wild to think that it has been more than two years since we linked up with COPYCATT for a guest mix and interview. Since then, the skilled beatmaker went on a release spree with a Madlib bootleg, the wicked Trash EP, and a few more incredible cuts, before dropping into relative silence once more. While 2022 was quiet on the release front, 2023 comes with a glimmer of promise as the artist returns to Inspected with a remix for an Inspected favourite: Vorso.

‘Wannabe’ is a quintessential Vorso track that fans immediately recognize upon hearing it. COPYCATT”s treatment of it is exactly what fans have come to love from the artist. Together, Vorso and COPYCATT’s names on a single track seems like perfection. About that, COPYCATT states, “I met Tom back in like 2015 when we were both using different monikers. We all used to chat in forums and comment on each other’s Soundcloud tracks, so in a digital kinda way it feels like we came from the same hood. I think we mutually enjoyed each other’s music even back then so it feels pretty wholesome to share a release with both of our names on it some 8 years later.”

COPYCATT keeps the allure of the original intact throughout the introduction, modifying it enough to be recognized as a new rendition but not too much to completely erase its origins. The talented producer quickly adds his own flair to the piece, before the drop hits and listeners are taken on a halftime journey. Typical with COPYCATT productions, the ‘Wannabe’ remix carries an aggressive swagger that flows well due to its hip-hop influence, punching harder with every passing bar but never becoming overbearing.

The glimmer of hope is also complemented by COPYCATT’s return to America. Until then, dive into his remix of ‘Wannabe’ below.