PREMIERE: Oski Delivers Another Standout On QGR With ‘Lick’

Underrated might be the wrong word to use to describe Oski, but perhaps under-appreciated rings truer. For over a decade, the Australian producer has been at the forefront of bass music, continuously evolving his sound one step ahead of the masses. Despite this, it seems as though his name never comes up in conversations about the best innovators in the scene, and that’s a shame. Whether it’s dubstep, trap, drum and bass, or anything in between, Oski can do it, and do it well. Creativity flows through the producer’s veins, as each new release showcases a unique take on whatever genre that he decides to tackle under the broad bass umbrella.

One of Oski’s big breaks came in the form of the Kid Chrome EP released on Quality Goods Records way back in 2016, and the talented artist has found his way back on the label at regular intervals since then. His latest release, ‘La La Land,’ marked yet another incredible cut on the imprint, as he demonstrated his ability to weave minimal bass stabs with snappy vocal snippets to create a mesmerizing piece.

Today, we have the pleasure of exclusively premiering ‘Lick,’ the second track from the dual-single on QGR. In Oski’s words, “‘Lick’ started with the drums and eventually turned into a full blown piece revolving around the swung percussion, hence the name.” In similar fashion to ‘La La Land,’ Oski uses crisp vocal cuts to drive the emotion of the track, but ‘Lick’ takes the bass to another level. Boasting an old-school essence with modern flair, ‘Lick’ is quick to the punch and tailored for a high-energy set. Oski layers nostalgic wubs over meticulous percussion to create a beautiful contrast between the old and the new, and doing so with his usual quality production makes ‘Lick’ yet another standout among his extensive discography. Check it out below and stay tuned for its official release tomorrow.