Guest Mix + Interview – Untitld

Untitld is one hell of an aficionado when it comes to murky beats. For nearly a decade now he has been pushing his own unique sonic blend of left-field bass and has the credentials to back it up. One of the original members of the Lost Dogz crew with the likes of EAZYBAKED and Abelation, Untitld has since seen releases with Subsidia and Quality Goods Records with the bulk of his discography remaining self-released. It’s only March, but 2024 is already shaping up to be a good year with three singles dropped thus far.

I’ve always admired the musical niche Untitld inhabits, whatever one chooses to call it. It’s not quite trap, not quite dubstep, but expressly somewhere in-between with its emphasis on swing-heavy percussion and raucously punching sub-bass. He is a shining example of just how creative and innovative sound design can be with the right talent behind it. It’s a true pleasure to have him featured for this guest mix, so let’s get into it!

We appreciate you hopping on this opportunity to release a guest mix with us! How’s life been for you lately?

Life’s been good! Had a lot happen that’s changed the day-to-day living a bit but other than that I can’t complain.

Is there a particular theme or vibe to this mix? What exactly are our listeners in for?

You can expect a lot of music from myself, my homies and artists I’m currently obsessed with. Been trying to mix multiple genres in my sets so hope you like it!

How long have you been producing music? What first got you hooked?

I’ve been producing music for about 10 years now? I’ve always been drawn to it, I played guitar for almost my whole life as well as some other instruments.

What got me hooked on electronic music though was wondering how the fuck they made sounds like that on a computer.

What inspired the name “Untitld?”

Origin story time. When you open a new project in Ableton, the default name is “untitled”. Take out the “e” and that’s where the inspiration came from.

Make whatever the fuck you want and have fun with it. Isn’t that the whole point of producing in the first place?

Your tunes have always exhibited such a heavy trap influence. What would you say to those who claim the genre is dead in 2024?

I don’t really think genres can die off? Sure people might not be listening or booking “trap” artists like they were in 2014 but who cares honestly.

Make whatever the fuck you want and have fun with it. Isn’t that the whole point of producing in the first place?

Maybe it’s just me not paying enough attention, but it seems like you don’t release music as frequently now as you did, say, five years ago. Is there a particular reason you stepped back a bit?

I’ve definitely taken a step back from releasing as much music as I used to. Didn’t feel like what I was putting out was a good representation of what I wanted the whole “Untitld” project to be.

Took some time to figure out but we are so fucking back baby. Expect a whole lot of new music from ya boy soon.

How did you get involved with the Lost Dogz crew?

Time for some Lost Dogz lore. It all started when a 14-year-old Abelation messaged me saying we should start a group with all the homies.

Can’t remember the original name he suggested but I remember I didn’t fuck with it. Started hitting up homies via SoundCloud messages (Milano said no the first time I asked him to join) and slowly got the group together.

We still needed a name though, so the next day I’m driving and looked up at this billboard that said, “Found a lost dog? Call our number”. Messaged the homies saying I had our name and the rest is history.

Did you have a New Year’s resolution for 2024? Any personal or music-oriented goals you’re trying to reach this year?

My New Year’s resolution was to get my finances up and my mental health locked in. Still working on both those though!

Outside of producing, what are your favorite ways to spend your free time?

I love playing video games, reading, and watching documentaries! I actually just watched Game of Thrones for the first time and just bought the books to read.

Who are some lesser-known artists that are absolutely blowing you away at the moment, electronic or otherwise?

Not sure if he’s considered lesser known but MPH is fucking insane. Love everything that he puts out. More in the realm of bass music I gotta go with Snuffy and asáu, both these kids are cracked.

Do you have an end goal for Untitld as an artistic project, or are you just taking it day-by-day and seeing where the winds blow? To follow-up, where you do you see yourself five years from now?

No end goal really. I just like making music. 5 years from now I hope I’m happy and traveling the world!

Is music your only artistic passion or are there others?

Music is definitely my one true passion. I’ve tried drawing and other art forms but they’ve never clicked for me.

Do you have any words of wisdom for your fellow music-makers out there?

Only thing I have to say is remember the whole reason you started making music in the first place! Enjoy yourself and don’t force the funk.

Fun fact time! Tell us something that our readers most certainly don’t know about you.

I was an extra in the “Straight Out of Compton” movie. I also have the flattest fucking feet ever.

Any other final thoughts you’d like to share?

Love you all and if you got this far thanks for taking the time to read about me! Can’t wait to share more music and memories with you all!


1. Untitld – ID

2. Bakey – Flip the Script

3. Snuggles – gobstopper (dolph mashup)

4. Untitld – Pressure

5. sumthin sumthin – ID

6. Untitld – ID

7. Hamdi – Counting (Sammy Virji Remix)

8. Untitld x Mankind – ID

9. Criso – Dropoff

10. MPH – Flatline

11. Tsuruda – Hot Mess

12. Untitld – Light Work

13. FLY x Mirror Maze – ID

14. Sling Wave – Marrow

15. chef boyarbeatz x DAGGZ – ID

16. DÊTRE – Ten Bands

17. Untitld – Cats Are Hungry

18. Untitld – ID

19. Thew – ID

20. saka – Leviathan

21. EvoluShawn – My Sound

22. Snuffy – ID

23. Alix Perez – Pulsate

24. Untitld – Flex