PREMIERE: M?STIC Doesn’t Skip A Beat With His ‘FELONIOUS’ EP

You know you’re in for a journey when you hear the name M?STIC and trap uttered in the same breath. Whether it’s his recent speaker-rattling collaboration with MERCI MARINE, or his unforgettable guest mix with us, M?STIC has become a certified FUXWITHIT favorite. Keeping the ball rolling comes M?STIC’s next EP “FELONIOUS”, and we’re honored to feature the title track from the project. 

M?STIC gives us a little insight into the process behind this banger, “I wanted to make some deep trap, you feel me? Something that separated my style from others and cemented what I’m bringing to the game. The way life was on my come-up and the things I saw is the reason why I go so hard with what I do. The inspiration behind this one is I’m simply tryna make it and level up. During the writing process, I first took the original synth from one of my most poppin’ songs, “MKULTRA”, geek’d it up a bit, and BOOM, made FELONIOUS. Shout to STUNNA POSSE AND BADMOUTH AS WELL AS EVERYONE GETTING IT OUT OF THE MUD. WE VIRAL.” 

The ‘M?STIC Sound’ has perfectly married the percussive sounds and energy of 2000s Trap Music, with in-your-face aggressive and refined sound design. While ‘FELONIOUS’ falls within this description, this track comes into it’s own with it’s boom-bap style percussive flow. Combined with a deadly sustained lead that has more movement F1 car on track. With all these elements working in unison, you’re left with a festival-ready deep trap banger. 

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