PREMIERE: M!NGO Gives Wave Masterclass With New Double Release ‘La Morte / Botnet’

On FUXWITHIT’s pages, I celebrate him mainly for his work as A&R of, but I would not want you to forget that M!NGO also knows how to steal the show with his own creations. This time, the wave maestro has decided to remind us with a brand new double release titled ‘La Morte’ and ‘Botnet’.

These two are not just masterful pieces of music but I feel confident in saying they’re M!NGO’ best works to date (with the exception of ‘Control‘, because you know, it’s ‘Control’).  I will even go further, ‘La Morte’ and ‘Botnet’ are true masterpieces for lovers of the pure, raw wave sound.  The essentiality that profoundly characterizes the two tracks, combined with the perfect palette of sounds M!NGO brought into play (very classic by wave standards, but masterfully orchestrated), lends an intense liminal atmosphere to the project.

With its cavernous bassline, ‘La Morte’ is set to become a certified crowd-pleaser, but I can already see the unfathomable, overpowering vastness of the drop leaving the more unprepared ravers mystified. This is one of those tracks you can’t get your head around. You have to feel it on your skin and in your bones. Close your eyes and leave your body at the mercy of the vibrations that saturate the atmosphere and penetrate your body.  The arpeggios which languidly pulsate over this triumph of low frequencies are just perfect as they double down on the hypnotic effect.

‘Botnet’ doesn’t hold back either when it comes to the bassline, but in this second track M!NGO displays a more detailed and rich storytelling. Split practically in half, on the first part of ‘Botnet’ lingers a strong “neo” vibe while the second drifts toward a more atmospheric approach. In the latter, echoes of instruments cross paths with vocal chops and irregular drum patterns, spiraling the alien feeling that permeates the four minutes of the song. The transition from the two sections is overall smooth, making ‘Botnet’ a sonic cruise between two of my favorite takes on the wave sound and a testament of M!NGO’s plan to “hit as many genres as I can all year long“.

‘La Morte’ and ‘Botnet’ are out today via,  you can listen to the two tracks below or on your favorite platform. If you’re in the US, be sure to follow M!NGO to be up to date with his summer gigs.