Lunice Returns In Fine Form With ‘OPEN’

Few artists have been more instrumental in merging the worlds of hip-hop and electronic than Monteal-based producer Lunice. Through his solo efforts and as half of the iconic duo TNGHT he has helped define the sound of electronic trap music and continues to push the envelope. His new release Open is a ten-track offering that moves between rap cuts, hard-hitting instrumental bangers, and experimental explorations.

‘YAYAYA’ opens the project with a sound that’s nothing shy of epic. Impactful chants meet dizzying melodies, pounding 808s, and masterful drum programming. The pensive break proves it’s more than just a standard trap heater with stirring keys and haunting vocal bends. ‘Red Congo’ is an awesomely off-kilter percussion-driven bop that’s simply addictive. Other instrumental leaning cuts ‘Make Face’ and ‘Rube Boi’ with Drtwrk feature just the right amount of darkness and weirdness with plenty of knock.

While the aforementioned tracks are far from lacking in imagination, those looking to get fully immersed in the artist’s stranger side will love ‘Winnebego,’ ‘Open,’ and ‘Life Happening’. The former alongside DAGR moves effortlessly from gritty club feels to sunshine-filled meadows and into a realm that’s beyond Earth. ‘Open’ begins as a summery ballad that’s ripe with emotion and sun-filled strums, that swerves into an aggressive punk-inspired fury with a little trap influence to back it up.  Meanwhile, ‘Life Happening’ presents an intro that makes your brain feel like it’s swirling widely in your skull. And that’s just the beginning, it gets better from there.

For listeners looking to return to solid ground Open‘s rap collaborations offer a more approachable energy. Zach Zoya hops on ‘Last Time’ with a breezy swagged-out style that makes for a laidback summer cut. Elsewhere Cali Carter lends his voice for a double dose on ‘Walk’ and ‘ No Commas.’ If you’re looking for that IDGAF energy ‘Walk’ is your ticket. Ice-cold melodies, slapping drums, and sub-bass back Carter’s high-pitched vocal performance for a feel that’s like watching weird cartoons on a heavy dose of shrooms.

Open is unlike any other project released this year and is exactly what you’d expect from Lunice. What more could you ask for?

This project is based on the idea that any artistic expression is not a fixed or static entity, but rather a constantly evolving and changing process that can be influenced and shaped by a wide range of factors. With that in mind, I decided to approach this LP from a very instinctual place where the ideas and moments come when I least expected it. And to all the artists that I’m grateful to have the chance to work with in this project, thank you. – Lunice

Open is out now on LuckyMe. Listen below.