PREMIERE: Listen To msft. Brand New Single ‘Break It’

msft.’s artistic route up to this point has always been marked by the tendency to go harder, faster, stronger. From his early trap works such as ‘Wool Hoodie‘, which incorporated a marked atmospheric component, we have come to the breakbeat frenzy that has characterized his latest works such as ‘Alley‘ and his latest contribution to Sable Valley Summer vol. 4 compilation. With this brand new self-release, titled ‘Break It,’ msft. breaks (pun intended) this cycle and returns to linger in the more monochromatic and minimalist atmospheres of his early days, reintroducing them blended with his more recent UK-flavoured sound.

“In the last years I focused on creating wall of sounds and pushing them as hard as I could,” msft. tells us while on a call, almost with a hint of self-criticism, “This time I wanted to step back and change approach. I worked on this track as it was a collaboration between present and ‘old’ msft.” He adds,  “My only guidelines were minimalism and catchiness, and look at this [‘Break It’]. Just a few, right elements, a simple but effective groove and I made one of the songs I’m most proud of.”

Indeed, like a perfect chess match, in nothing but few moves msft. delivers an outright heater, perfect both for tantalizing eardrums through headphones or moving bodies on the dancefloor. It’s definitely a slow burner and not a peak-time tune, but ‘Break It’ is the perfect choice for DJs who want to give their crowds a break (again, pun intended) but do not let the atmosphere cool down. Do you want to trigger some bass faces? Pick the first drop. Do you want to fuel some mosh pits? Pick the second one because that Bloody Beetrots-style synth (‘Warp 1.9’ everyone?) will definitely get tempers flaring and elbows up.

Listen to ‘Break It’ below or on your favorite platform.