Floor Fillers: Five Picks From Effin

Over the last few years, Effin has solidified himself among the top innovators in the realm of bass music, carving his own lane in an often-saturated sea of sound. Last week, the artist unveiled his debut album, Cheap Thrills, where he further showcased his ability to push boundaries over the span of thirteen diverse tracks. From his typical dubstep-leaning style in tracks such as ‘Sorry’ and ‘Lessons,’ to refreshing, softer cuts such as ‘Divine’ and ‘Yesterdays,’ Cheap Thrills is a cohesive body of work that is sure to please a wide array of listeners. In the producer’s words, “Cheap Thrills is everything that Effin represents and will represent going forward. It’s an audio collage of hundreds of different sounds, styles, and influences slammed and crunched together.

To celebrate the release of the album, we had the pleasure of connecting with Effin for our newest edition of Floor Fillers, where he shares five tunes that are a must in his sets. Don’t miss his picks below, and be sure to listen to Cheap Thrills.

Slum Village – Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix)

This one needs no introduction. Perhaps the perfect execution of a remix. A masterclass in sound design and arrangement.

Apashe & High Klassified ft. Cherry Lena – I’m Fine (IMANU Remix)

One of the most talented artists I know. The execution and attention to detail makes this one so much fun to listen to, impossible not to bounce around when the drop comes in. Perfect for keeping the crowd moving when the party is just getting started or late at night when things are winding down.


This tune is just ridiculous – a collage of styles wrapped together in one banger. JOYRYDE is unstoppable and I can’t wait to hear what else he’s been working on.

Getter – Represent

Another tune that just has undeniable bounce. This one continues to grow on me every time I listen to it, something so dirty about the drums that makes the whole thing hit hard. Boom bap combined with bass music at its finest.

Fergie – London Bridge

A staple in every Effin set. Whenever I have this tune queued up you can see me on stage with the biggest shit eating grin on my face. Such a fun song, and it just happens to mix right into drum and bass. A party starter from The Duchess herself.