Focus Five: Volume 65

If you’re in the mood for music discovery, you’ve come to the right place. Every month we bring you five incredible new artists that you need to know, and this month is no different. For our 65th edition, we are highlighting a standout talent from India, a slept-on Aussie, a dubstep producer selected by a non-dubstep fan, a Chilean artist exploring a range of sounds, and a stellar trap artist Get familiar below.


India is cooking up some heat in the beat scene. The latest export to land on our radar is Nagpur-based Adil. From bounce to trap, and drill, the producer mixes Indian samples with some of our favorite sounds for a truly auspicious offering. ‘Gypsy Flip w/dilliboy’ sees Hindi vocals combined with an absurd bounce and some heavy hip-hop influence. Doubling down on the bounce comes ‘Mela’ which possesses the fun-loving sound and carefree energy of ethanplus with its own distinct twist. If you’re looking for a darker and harder sound check out ‘Samay.’ The track mixes hypnotic vocal textures with snappy drums and drill-inspired 808 slides. If you love heaters with a hint of exotic twist, Adil has you covered.


Numbers don’t equate to talent. The biggest artists are seldom the best and sometimes my favorite finds remain unknown outside of their niche. Perth-based producer Bismodi currently has 59 followers on SoundCloud. His latest release ‘FEELINGS’ has 34 plays. His music: awesome. I came across the producer a few weeks back when What So Not was sharing some of the best music he was recently sent from Aussie artists, amongst the smattering of short clips was Bismodi’s ‘WARP,’ a stellar experimental house tune that he describes as “A chill but energetic track.” Reminiscent of FUXWITHIT favourite jives, ‘WARP’ showcases Bismodi’s ability to create a sonic journey that is incredibly unique, exhilarating, and enjoyable. It’s forward-thinking and different but it never loses its groove. The same can be said for ‘BLACKOUT” and ‘FEELINGS’ with the former exploring darker club-ready territory and the latter creating a sense of elation. Get lost in his music and go smash that follow to help Bismodi get his numbers up!


CANOTO (FOCUS FIVE)Let’s start by saying that I’m definitely not a fan of dubstep. Not at all. However, from time to time there are pieces of art that tear down this barrier and manage to excite and, oftentimes, obsess me. The latest in chronological order is the most recent EP by CANOTO. Titled Lost & Found and released on Halcyon, the project contains some really insane tracks that blew my mind. The overall vibe of the album is genius and you won’t find a single average “club banger.” The combo composed of ‘Stay’ and ‘Lost’ (respectively, track two and three of the EP) is my favorite at the moment. Two cuts built upon brilliant creativity and sublime technical skill. If, unlike me, you are a dedicated dub-head, you absolutely have to get familiar with CANOTO. You’re welcome.

Jack Instinct

Jack Instinct (FOCUS FIVE)This month I’m closing the mini-series that has seen me showcasing, almost back to back, three of the most interesting names orbiting the current wave scene: haydys (Volume 61), lvst (Volume 64) and now, in this 65th volume, Jack Instinct.  The Chilean producer is fresh off a string of ten releases in the first half of 2023, in which he has ranged from extreme Hardwave to deep Future Garage, and more recently has been focusing on Drum&Bass. While this year Jack Instinct cannot exactly be labeled as a wave producer, I like to see how his recent past spent exploring more classic formats of the genre are present to influence his new creations and experiments. It’s precisely because of creative souls like Jack Instinct, who transplant the roots of a sound into new territories to grow something new, that music continues to maintain its wonderful, peculiar fluidity.


The detail within skoot‘s work is truly impressive and insane. Completely pushing the game with his own unique style and talents. Those hard-hitting 808s combined with unique processing on each element throughout his works really create a unique and ear-pleasing experience. From unique and powerful self-releases, hard-hitting sample packs, and mind-bending collaborations, this is an artist you absolutely have to know about. And remember.

skoot’s recent collaboration with Dabow is nothing but remarkable. The combination of each artist’s unpredictable style shines brighter than ever here. The soft and elegant melodies build such an elegant environment from beginning to end. Embracing the sonic nature of each instrument and synth used. And once the chorus hits you, it’s a blast of pure excitement and wonder. Throwing listeners off their guard in an amazing fashion. Integrating so much while making everything feel real, cohesive, and perfect. Resulting in a pure classic trap masterpiece.

Making a surprise appearance on The Music Blender’s newest compilation, skoot created an extremely unique work of art to compliment the label and himself. Taking listeners into a world of pure distortion, this track amplifies your energy on a whole new scale. As if you were walking into a brand new world of possibilities. As if you were in some broken nightmare and embracing its own treasures in the form of sinister melodies, percussive leads, and bass to tie it all together. Easily making it one of the best off the compilation.

Words by Alessio, Colin, and John