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It’s no secret that this year has been a tough one. While some might have become discouraged by the lock down, others like Harry was here saw it as an opportunity to spend more time on his music. This led him to creating his debut 5-track EP If Only You Knew, of which we have the pleasure of premiering his second single “home”, just in time for the holidays. 

“home” is a stunning track from production all the way down to the lyrics.  Atmospheric synths and emotive percussion set the stage for Harry’s voice which comes complimented with expert level vocal layering. And while the music is impressive, it’s the lyrics that really seemed to get me.

This song paints the all too real picture of “home” and the holidays not being the happy place everyone makes it out to be. So often we hear about all the excitement for the holidays, but forget to think of those who might not have a family, or who might be struggling at this time of year. Expectations weigh heavy and lots of people find themselves yearning for that same joy they see plastered across social media. “home” beautifully and delicately tackles this topic, while maintaining a sense of hope to find what he is missing. 

If you like home, be sure to catch the rest of Harry was here’s EP on December 2nd: “stay” “home” “today” “&” “for eternity”.

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PREMIERE: harry was here delivers his emotive single “home”