Fred Again Releases 3rd Album, Actual Life 3

Fred Again.. ‘s short career as a solo artist has not exactly been a slow burn. He’s already played legendary festivals like Coachella and Electric Forest and sold out his North American Headline tour which included multiple nights at New York’s Terminal 5.

His third in the Actual Life series is out today and like the previous two uses samples carefully curated from voice notes from friends, Instagram videos, and records he loves. He combines them with his unique, emotional style of production to create what feels like more than an album. It feels like a sonic diary that is being shared with us. A scrapbook put together from found items to create something that when you see it as a sum of its parts is much much bigger.

It will be incredible to see what 2023 brings to Fred Again..

Fred Again… – Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022) | Stream


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LISTEN: Fred Again.. Releases Highly-Anticipated 3rd Album, “Actual Life 3”