PREMIERE: Dabow & CARLIE Unite for House-Leaning Bop ‘2MINUTES’

When you see Dabow on KUMO Collective, you know you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s his recent euphoric collaboration with Pala Chrome, the blistering bass of ‘Ventolin,’ or my personal favorite ‘Ah Nah,’ every time the two forces come together the result is always spectacular. Keeping the streak alive comes Dabow’s new single on the label in collaboration with CARLIE. ‘2MINUTES’ sees the Argentinian producer exploring the realms of house while CARLIE saunters over the backing with a captivating vocal performance.

Dabow gives us insight into how this one came together, “I first heard Carlie’s amazing voice on a song of hers called ‘Highs and Lows,’ then reached out to her and was like “yooooooo let’s collab I love ur music!” She was down from the start so we simply went for it. I showed her a wip’s playlist I had, and she was like “send this one!” (this was March 2021). Vocals were spot on from the start from CARLIE. Track originally was more “trappy” but then started mutating and became a mix between house and trap and baile. KUMO felt like the perfect home for it, and they wanted it. So we sent it!!! I really wanted to get this one released, hope you all love it!”

While we know and love Dabow for his trap bangers, he’s proven his ability to expand his sonic offering beyond the genre. With ‘2MINUTES’ he leans heavily into a house sound while maintaining underlying influences of trap and baile. The fusion makes for an addictive sound palette that’s rich with groove and incredibly infectious. CARLIE injects pop-friendly energy that will have the track playing on loop in your head (and favourite streaming service) all day. With Spring on the horizon, this one is primed to soundtrack the warm weather and sunny days ahead.

CARLIE breaks down the writing process saying, “I wrote this song about how I got so used to turbulence in my life, that when I finally found a state of calm I seemed to try and self-sabotage all the time. It was almost as if I didn’t know how to sit in that comfortable safe space, or didn’t feel like I even deserved it. I love being able to exercise emotions through writing songs, it’s super cathartic and way cheaper than therapy!”

Stream Dabow & CARLIE’s ‘2MINUTES’ everywhere via KUMO Collective.