PREMIERE: A Hundred Drums Showcases Mind Melting Imagination With Her ‘Noxious’ Remix For LYNY

Making history again in her career, A Hundred Drums presents a very special remix of LYNY‘s single ‘Noxious.’ One of the artist’s craziest singles being blessed with a whole new atmosphere and feeling all around. Changing and elevating the track’s DNA while maintaining the same amount of energy. Harnessing brilliant power and representing herself in a vision-blinding spotlight. And it’s with our pleasure to help premiere such a weapon. Making this an instant highlight for both artists.

Known for her spacey and hypnotic sonic presence,  her talents continue to amaze many while separating her style from the rest. Integrating insidious elements within her works while showcasing a drive truly powerful and honorable. And this newest remix she’s presented will instantly put you in a trance you won’t want to wake up from.

From a gorgeous and hazy environment of sound to her arrangement from start to finish, it’s a nightmare of pure chaos and enticing riches. The way she integrates the original elements into her own world of madness showcases how flexible and adaptive her talents are. Nothing but respect.

The trap rhythmic structure makes this journey so much sweeter to the ear. And once that chorus hits you, it really takes over your soul. Possessing anyone who hears. And those bass shots swirling throughout really add a crazy new layer to this story. Both drops will no doubt make your head spin. Making this remix one of her best works to date! Make sure to support by streaming this first look below! We’re excited to hear more.