Bafu And Altare Emanate Elegant Emotions With ‘LOOK4U’

Making a star-striking appearance on Ophelia Records’ brand new compilation, Bafu and Altare join forces once again for a new single, ‘LOOK4U.’ Making their mark once again with pure might and elegance. Swirling through your hearts with their vast and powerful techniques through production and vision. And creating senses of adoration and peace from angelic melodies, vast arrangement, and pure harmony surrounding all. Making this their most beautiful collaboration yet! And what better way to debut it than Ophelia Records! Representing wave music everywhere and continuing to push this everlasting and heart-wrenching genre.

Taking it back to their first collaboration released two years ago, the dynamic duo have continued to push themselves over the limit ever since. Making huge moves throughout the industry over time while having the utmost respect for one another. With their recent team-up on a Calvin Harris remix, listeners easily wanted to hear more of these two colliding creatively. Their new single proves that nothing has changed in their bond as friends and colleagues. But what has changed, is how evolved they’ve both become in their sound, style, and technique.

The atmosphere throughout this piece takes your breath away. As if you were experiencing this side of electronic music for the first time all over again. Their mind-shattering drums combined with soul-cleansing sound design will truly lift you into a whole new realm, soaring through the clouds and embracing what comes next with each given second. It’s an experience you’ll remember for many days to come.

So if you want to hear more from these two, then you’re in major luck! Because from July 28th-30th they’ll be participating in Cyberwave Collective‘s online festival, Cyberwave Summer Festival over on Twitch! The lineup includes both Bafu and Altare, along with other heavy hitters you won’t want to miss. Perfect for anyone who’s been keeping up with them or wave music in general! But for now, make sure to show your support by streaming ‘LOOK4U’ everywhere via Ophelia Records!