msft. Delivers Fans Two-Step Gems with his ‘lowercasE’ EP

msft. has been a persistent favorite of ours here at FUXWITHIT. This Italian-based producer has consistently released some of the cleanest and most forward-thinking breakbeat-inspired tracks over the last few years. The UK influence runs deep on lowercasE as well with delightful two-step drum patterns and garage-friendly tempos. He self-describes the EP as a “collection of 4 tracks you can vibe to pretty much anywhere you want,” and damn did he hit the nail on the head.

There is a pleasant homogeneity to the four tracks on lowercasE, but it would be shortsighted to say that any of them sound exactly the same. While clearly sharing the same UK-based influences, each track is unique with differing energy levels and moods. ‘dontwaiT’ and ‘inthedarK,’ for example, both share sultry vocals and rolling basslines that could get any crowd to break out their best moves. ‘aaaH’ and ‘elevateD (feat. Rakjay)’ feel more like transitional tracks that a DJ could throw in their repertoire to keep crowds moving without sacrificing the vivacity of the set. This back-and-forth on the EP makes for an easy listening session, with the caveat that if used tastefully, any of these four tracks have the potential to make a dance floor explode.

I’m all for the continued resurgence of garage- and breakbeat-inspired tunes we’re seeing across the music landscape at the moment. To that end, msft. here is 100% doing his part. Check out lowercasE below and get those knees up high while you two-step the night away.