Hydraulix Fires Off Another Killer Single With ‘duCk hUNT’

Hydraulix is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to his 2024 releases. Hot on the heels of his NERVES EP released in February on Wakaan (which you can read about here), he’s back at it again, this time with a wild left-field single in ‘duCk huNT.’ Against the backdrop of NERVES, ‘duCk huNT’ almost sounds like it’s from a different producer entirely. This track would feel right at home in a space bass playlist as opposed to the heavier, clashier style of NERVES, which should give you an idea of this producer’s incredible versatility.

From the undulating sub-bass to the wonky, wobbly duck-themed drop, everything about this track screams “stank face.” I can’t tell if the drop is a morphed sample from the original Duck Hunt video game… but I sure hope it is, as it would fit right in with the “Hey, listen!” vocal sample from The Legend of Zelda that also accompanies it. Despite how off-puttingly weird this track might be to some listeners, I think this is a perfect example what can come of a producer in the studio making something silly. I can only imagine that the crowd reactions from ‘duCk huNT’ when Hydraulix plays this out live are sure to be a gold mine for his social media pages.

Per Hydraulix himself, ‘duCk huNT’ is only the first from a string of self-releases to be expected in the near future. If they all manage to capture the energy of this track, I think we’re in for a good time. Until then, be sure to stream ‘duCk huNT’ below.