Lucid Monday’s ‘LM025’ Is Expectedly Excellent

Monday’s have a lot going against them. The weekend is over, the return to reality is here and the next weekend is as far away as it can be. Most people hate Monday’s but one platform has been tirelessly working to change the perception from dreaded to anticipated. Every so often Lucid Monday appears on the scene with a compilation so stacked it’ll make you ready to skip over the weekend just to get your hands on it. LM025 proceeds to live up to the hype and high bar set by their previous releases. With 20 tracks from Chromonicci, Dilip & Otxhello, olswel, Dabow x L*o*J x LYNY, Louis Futon, Foolie $urfin, aedfx., Evil Needle, enuar & kas, and so many more, this is an absolute must-listen. The vibes are immaculate and the slaps are in abundance. From front to back it’s a showcase of the next wave of exceptional talent.

Seeing Dabow, L*o*J, & LYNY on a track is enough to get any trap heads heart-pumping. ‘OG’ does not disappoint illustrating why they are 3 of the best out. The vocal is hypnotic and the track takes you into another dimension. From classic trap to mind-bending sound design, brutish bounce, and even a hazy, dripped out finale, it never stagnates and just keeps getting better.

Chill bangers seem like an oxymoron until you experience them for yourself, and then they’re all you want to hear. Evil Needle’s ‘Lift Off’ presents the tranquility of chilling on a tropical beach with a banging drop to take you to the beach club before allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy the breeze. You can practically taste the Mojitos and smell the saltwater dripping off this one.

Just in time for ‘Springszn’ comes the aptly titled collab from enuar & kas. Light and airy, it’s the audio equivalent of that first summer-like day after a long winter. The synths warm your skin like sun rays. The steel drums wash away any worries and replace your stress with a feeling of elation. Smiles, slow hip-swaying and smashing replay are the only things on the menu for ‘Springszn.’

Start your week off right with Lucid Monday’s LM025 and remember that Mondays aren’t all bad.