Lucid Monday Sets Listeners On A Whimsical Adventure With Their ‘LM027’ Compilation

It’s that time of year once again! Lucid Monday has just blessed us all with their brand-new compilation, LM027. An exciting new installment comprised of some of the most unique music to date. Including heavy hitters such as late year, Mr. Carmack, ini, and many more, this group of gems will make your souls and hearts feel at complete ease. Leaving anyone in a smooth and beautifully driven stasis of sound and harmony. With blissful future beats, angelic soundscapes along with some heavy groove-infused wonderlands, it’s an experience you’ll never want to forget about. Making this a complete highlight of 2023.

The spirit of Lucid Monday’s vision shines on a whole new scale with these yearly compilations of euphoria. The colorful compositions they’ve chosen to be a part of this project are nothing but masterpieces. Highlighting legends of the past, present, and future. Making the spotlight warm these talented souls with praise and admiration. Each piece within targets a specific emotion throughout your mind. Making listeners hypnotized by each artist’s skillful techniques and presence.

From a garden of soulful melodies from Finesto, to a sunny party in Ibiza from Mr. Carmack’s groovy atmosphere, this album holds surprises just waiting around the corner! Easily breaking the repeat button as each tune fills you with happiness and serenity. Congratulations once again to Lucid Monday and the artists on another gorgeous and successful body of art. It’s a perfect way to ease your mentality and emotions any time, any day. So make sure to show your support by streaming the LM027 compilation everywhere via Lucid Monday!