Listen To The Third Chapter of skeler’s Night Drive Mix Series

Few other artists’ mix series have been as successful as Night Drive. The release of Night Drive represents one of the most awaited moments by the entire wave community. This is no surprise, however, as each episode contains hours of strictly unreleased material (which often takes years to be released) and the cinematic quality and evocative soundscapes skeler establishes are absolutely the best in the game. The series kicked off in 2020, followed by the second chapter in August 2021. So far it has racked up twenty-two million views on YouTube, almost two million on SoundCloud and, on top of that, both chapters have recently been added to Spotify too.

In conjunction with the beginning of his USA tour, today skeler debuts the highly anticipated third chapter. You know the drill. Be ready to dive into two hours filled with over forty brand-new IDs.

[embedded content]