LISTEN: COFRESI Blends Instrumental and Electronic House in “Agenda” EP

Following the success of its lead single, “I’M NOT,” Chicago-based producer and muti-instrumentalist COFRESI shares his new AGENDA EP, his first full-length project since his 2021 debut studio album, Illuminate. Breathing new life into the world of hybrid instrumentalist-producers, the AGENDA EP sees COFRESI usher in a fresh and innovative style of recording by incorporating a range of styles and influences from bass to house to electronica.

AGENDA marks a significant milestone for COFRESI who has been praised for his unique and dynamic approach to production. His ability to fuse traditional instrumentation with electronic production techniques has earned him a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim, and this new EP is a welcome addition to his growing body of work.

In line with his production philosophy, COFRESI plays with a wide array of electronic styles in this EP. Drawing influences from bass, house, trap, and electronica music – COFRESI creates an innovative, genre-bending EP, incorporating both acoustic and electronic elements into his sound. His chameleon-like ability to collaborate with a wide range of sonic palettes has seen him work with the likes of Flamingosis, Matisyahu, Griffin Kenna, Bass Physics, and more.  Inspired by live electronic acts such as L’Impératrice, Polo & Pan, and The Blaze, and driven by a passion for continuous innovation, COFRESI is on a mission to create a distinct sound and live show that is uniquely his.

Fans can catch the full COFRESI experience for themselves at select venues and festivals this summer and fall, including The Grateful Bear Campout, Summer’s End Smoke Out, and North Coast Music Festival.

Listen to COFRESI’s AGENDA EP wherever you find your music here, or below on Spotify.

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LISTEN: COFRESI Blends Instrumental and Electronic House in “Agenda” EP