LISTEN: The Archer Releases "All I Want" EP – Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop & Trap Music

Rising producer and multi-talented creative The Archer is back with a two track EP, All I Want, including the original and an additional remix by Parisian producer Ron Costa. Out now on There Is A Light Records, the All I Want EP continues The Archer’s strong calendar year of releases, solidifying his claim as a household name in house music. 

From deep house to disco to techno, The Archer has consistently demonstrated his mastery of various subgenres of electronic music. The original rendition of “All I Want” is The Archer at his uninhibited best, featuring an addictive drumline and intoxicating vocal that has become a staple of his in recent productions. With a minimalistic, yet colorful approach, The Archer paints his creative canvas with a multitude of instruments and effects.

The track is additionally accompanied by a darker, more aggressive version by Ron Costa, crafting a more underground take of The Archer’s lustrous original. While showing similarity to the original with hypnotic drum loops, the Paris DJ adds his own sonic spice with a techno touch.  While both tracks deliver the beauty of modern house music, the two artists show clear cut contracts in style and mood in their newest creative undertakings. 

LISTEN: The Archer Releases “All I Want” EP