LISTEN: COVEX Unleashes Impressive Second Album Single, 'To Be Alone'

After dropping his debut album single ‘Younger,’ rising producer COVEX is already back with another must-listen offering. The next single is called ‘To Be Alone’ and is just as intoxicating and impressive as the previous track. It’s more than enough to hold us off for A Change In Perspective, slated for release on May 26th via Moving Castle. As you’ll hear below, the producer shares his struggle of moving on from a relationship and coming to grips with moving into the future. He delivers this powerful message over intricate melodies that will make you come back to the track again and again. Stream ‘To Be Alone’ below and read what COVEX has to say about this track as well.

“I remember being really inspired by this newer garage sound coming out of more pop electronic artists like The 1975 and Mura Masa. I started the beat and used almost every instrument in my studio I could find which included a glockenspiel, shaker, claves, as well as singing in the bridge of this song. I wanted this one to have more of a soul sound to it, which is what I was trying to do with the melody in the bridge. The lyrics were inspired by thinking about how it felt to be afraid of love after a relationship I had.”

LISTEN: COVEX Unleashes Impressive Second Album Single, ‘To Be Alone’