juuku And Gianni Taylor Grant Endless Wishes Under The ‘Moonlight’

juuku‘s powerful passion and love for the arts have sparked immensely throughout the years. Making a beautiful mark for himself through his travels within the industry. From composing magnificent pieces to creating his own visuals to represent his imagination coming to life, the artist continues to amaze and blow away listeners with his unique vision. And in celebrating his new partnership with Dim Mak, his newest single ‘Moonlight’ is the first chapter to a whole new realm for his career. Together with Gianni Taylor, they’ve created a purely whimsical experience you won’t want to sleep on. It’s also the first single off his upcoming sophomore EP, Lavender Dreams and Scarlett Nightmares.

The song takes your breath away in such a nurturing fashion. Making everyone feel welcome with its angelic melody structure, intoxicating sound design, and dreamy arrangement. Representing juuku’s experience first time experiencing electronic music. The power, energy, and wonderful nature it emanated touched him on the deepest level. Inspiring his future career with wonder and curiosity. Making this track shine on a whole other level for himself and his listeners. Gianni Taylor’s impactful vocals and lyrics elevate your hearts to the clouds. Complimenting juuku’s style beautifully and representing their inspiring teamwork. The way the atmosphere flutters through your mind is simply comforting, hypnotizing, and memorable for years to come. We’re stoked to hear the EP in full and excited to see where the artists go next. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Moonlight’ everywhere via Dim Mak!