KUREI Shines Bright Moonlight Over A Field Of Life With ‘Tired’

Sharing a chill and gorgeous new journey, KUREI is here to make your dreams come true. Their newest track, ‘Tired’ will serenade your senses into a calming stasis. The lush and everlasting beauty within their production can whisk anyone off their feet. And into a world full of peace and harmony. From heavy trap atmospheres to melodic wonderlands, there’s really no stopping them from making major impacts within the underground. With each release, you’ll travel deep into their inner creativity, and experience nothing but clean and crispy productions. Taking over any dance floor one by one. You’ll be immediately grasped by the forward and intricate thinking sound from start to finish. And this track shows even more evolution and skill from their journeys.

‘Tired’ is a sensational lullaby of sound. Tugging at your soul right from the get-go, they waste no time in jumping into the action right away. From a beautiful piano, to a lush and future bass arrangement, it’ll have the audience in awe. Minds at ease and expecting the unexpected. Wanting more and more with each listen. Not to mention the impactful drum elements and elegant textures helping to carry the whole track in a beautiful teamwork fashion. A dream you won’t want to wake up from. And by playing the track over and over again, you’ll dive deeper and deeper within a pool of golden sea life. Exploring its inner caverns and discovering many treasures along the way. A true journey you won’t want to miss. So make sure to go support KUREI and their hard work by streaming ‘Tired’ on SoundCloud.