jives Frolic’s In A Field Of Bright Flora With ‘For All You Know’

Bringing in a smooth wave of color, jives has returned with an instant classic! His newest piece, ‘For All You Know’ combines some bright characteristics within the house genre as a whole. His sophisticated rhythms and melodies have shaped his vision and art overall as something truly remarkable. No matter the genre or pace, with his influence, he can make anything sound super lush and endless. From the use of impactful drums, peaceful chord design, and addictive structures, jives has worked himself up to be an underground treasure and staple for many. And now, with his newest track, he’s spreading some real classic funk to his wonderful listeners. Creating a sense of liveliness for all.

‘For All You Know’ is an instant groove classic. It captures the pure soul and life emanating from a well-designed piece. Spreading nothing but chill and cheerful energy to anyone who listens. Making listeners want to dance and never look back. Focusing on the now and basking in all its glory. When it comes to gripping your attention to the highest and making you smile and feel at one, jives’ art does it with style. From a classic vocal sample to get things going, to some whimsical sound design creating an intoxicating melody, you’ll have this track on repeat from dusk till dawn. Due to its sheer ability to take over your body and making you feel something you won’t want to forget. The track is unforgettable and will live on for years to come. So make sure to go support this legend by streaming ‘For All You Know’ on SoundCloud and Audius!