GURF Floats Along Waves Of Bliss With ‘HEARD!’

GURF is back and better than ever! His newest single ‘HEARD!’ contains a gorgeous and angelic aura. Surrounding listeners with its nurturing and peaceful characteristics and nature. Completely hypnotizing you into a restful stasis of wonder and awe. Completely showcasing his flexible techniques and adaptable skills through his signature groove, bouncy drums, and hard-hitting election. Making listeners fall in love with his style over and over again. This single takes you on a wonderful ride through a rich cove of passion. Basking in the last light of the sun while it sets to an intoxicating nightfall of dreams.

“After several tough years of not being fully comfortable with where I fit in the music scene, I’ve realized that my problem was that I was trying to fit in at all. ‘HEARD!’ marks a time in my life where I’ve begun to worry less about others expectations of me and more about what I’d like to do for myself. If anything, I hope ‘HEARD!’ inspires you to do something for yourself, for once!”- GURF

This single represents more than just a song, it represents GURF’s own unique space within the scene. Representing himself in the best ways possible. And the confidence portrayed throughout this journey exceeds higher than ever. Gaining newfound confidence in his art while continuing to inspire many through his personality and musical abilities. Shining a whole new light and path for his career. From beginning to end, the track is very well done with colorful execution. Making this one of his best works to date. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘HEARD!’