J. Lee’s New Song “These Nights” Tells A Beautifully Heart-Breaking Story Of Toxic Love

California-based Korean-American R&B and Hip-Hop artist J. Lee‘s latest release, “These Nights,” is a true urban phenomenon displaying him as a multi-talented artist with the skills to produce, record, mix, write, and master songs on his own. The track is a follow-up to the artist’s previous works “Mask On My Heart,” “Make her Mine,” and “Down,” featuring Billboard artist Ted Park. It tells the toxic love story of two people where one plays games, and the other is confused and hurt while still choosing to stay in the relationship. J. Lee explained it as, “Being with the other is so addicting that even if it’s toxic or whatever, you still be with them for the hell of it. Because.. well, why not?” when discussing the song. All emotions are delivered through LA-type vibes with soul-stirring guitars, deep bass, and heavy-hitting lyricism. J. Lee spreads his edgy energy with an unforgettable and moving atmosphere.